Supervised Exercise Program

Meet and Surpass Your Physical Therapy Goals


At Physiocare, Inc., we have developed a Supervised Exercise Program. This program is only available to our patients who have completed physical therapy with us and would like to continue a Supervised Exercise Program.  We will help our previous physical patients maintain the progress they’ve made and continue to assure they are properly performing their exercises and progressing them as they should. In addition, one of our physical therapists is a Certified Health Coaches (CHC) and can assist them in meeting any further goals they have regarding their initial physical therapy treatments, as well as any other exercise or nutrition-related goals they wish to achieve.  The Supervised Exercise Program is ideal for any patients that don’t feel confident that they are performing the exercises correctly on their own or don’t have the proper equipment at home to continue performing or progressing their programs on their own.

Our highly trained therapists at Physiocare Physical Therapy help individuals return to their everyday lives using Supervised Exercise Programs and other physical therapy options. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about these programs of therapeutic treatment.