Motor Vehicle Injuries

Physiocare Physical Therapy can provide the help you need for pain relief and recovery after an accident


We combine manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and other  treatment options to restore function and mobility. Common injuries resulting from an automobile accident include whiplash, fractures, neck and back pain, radiculopathy, and herniated discs.


Car accidents can cause many different injuries, and some are unique to the types of impacts that occur in a vehicle. If significant force is involved, the vertebral joints, nerves, and muscles can be seriously affected and bones can be broken. Another factor that is somewhat unique about car accidents is that various symptoms, such as pain and stiffness, may not develop for a week to ten days after the crash. Physical therapy from our highly trained specialists at Physiocare can provide relief and assist with healing and recovery.

When you come into Physiocare Physical Therapy for treatment of motor vehicle injuries, we begin with a thorough evaluation of your condition. A personalized program of treatment will be designed that relieves and works around your pain and increases endurance, mobility, and strength.

We encourage accident victims who are experiencing pain to seek treatment as early as possible. Physiocare Physical Therapy is a direct access facility, which means no referral is needed. For patients who are referred by a doctor or chiropractor, we work closely with them as well as case managers and insurance companies, when applicable. Contact us today to get started on restorative physical therapy for your injuries.