Osteoporosis is thinning of the bones as a result of calcium depositing and uptake changes in the body


It is a common condition among women over the age of 40, but men can develop osteoporosis, as well. Physiocare Physical Therapy provides effective physical therapy treatment for osteoporosis and the injuries that can occur because of weakened bones.


During the process of aging, more calcium tends to be taken out of our bones than what is put into them. The spine and hips are among the most common areas in which individuals are affected. A person who has osteoporosis has greater susceptibility to suffering from fractures while engaged in ordinary activities.

It’s not unusual for bone in the spine to crumble, when an individual with osteoporosis suffers from a compression fracture.

There are many effective ways to address osteoporosis. It’s possible to improve bone strength through such activities as participation in a good walking program, exercise, medication, proper nutrition, and weight-bearing exercises. Our physical therapy experts at PhysioCare Physical Therapy can teach you ways to improve your bone strength and help to reduce the risk of fracture.

Our experts at Physiocare are skilled in providing effective physical therapy treatment for patients with osteoporosis.

Strengthening, especially in weight-bearing positions, is at the core of management of this condition. We address limitations and focus on restoration of bone strength.  It is important to do the correct exercises when you have osteoporosis, as certain exercises may increase your rise of fracture.  There are various motions that should be avoided especially when done with resistance.  

Physiocare Physical Therapy is a direct access facility. Schedule an appointment for physical therapy for osteoporosis on your own or on recommendation of your doctor. We will provide a treatment plan to strengthen your bones and help to prevent future injury.