Sprains & Strains

Strains and sprains commonly occur on various parts of the body, including the feet, ankles, knees, hips, arms, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, and back

Jupiter sprains & strains

The skilled therapists at Physiocare Physical Therapy specialize in treatment of these somewhat similar conditions. A strain occurs when a muscle tendon unit is torn or stretched, and the most common reason for a strain is stretching or overuse of the muscle. Tendons are tough but flexible bands of fibrous tissue attaching skeletal muscles to the bones they move, and they are vulnerable to tearing and tendonitis especially if tight.

A sprain is a torn or stretched ligament. The tissues that connect bone to bone at joints are called the ligaments. These connective tissues have more of an elastic quality. They can be overstretched, especially if tight, resulting in diminished stabilization of movement.


Before exercising, stretching can be very helpful, since muscles need to be warmed up, to loosen them and minimize the risk of injury. Even the simplest of tasks at home or on the job can result in a painful strain, if the muscles aren’t ready for the work. The damage that occurs in a strain may be any of the following:

  • The area where muscles and tendon join tears.

  • Tendons tear away from the bone.

  • The muscles bellies tear.

Sprains occur when a joint becomes severely stressed and a ligament is torn or overextended. The following are among the common circumstances that result in a sprain:

  • The ankle is vulnerable to a sprain when exercising or walking on an uneven surface.

  • The knee can be sprained when pivoting during athletic movement.

  • When overextending the joint while performing a sport such as tennis, skiing, or racquetball.

Pain is the first symptom of a strain or sprain injury. Swelling and spasms also usually occur, though they take longer to develop. Bleeding always occurs when muscles, tendons, and ligaments are torn, which results in bruising on the skin.

Physical therapy from the caring specialists at Physiocare is excellent treatment for sprains and strains.

We can help with the many types of strains and sprains that can occur, including hip flexor strain, hamstring strain, ankle/foot sprains and strains, and sprains and strains of the elbow, wrist, knee, hip, neck, and back.

Because we are a direct access facility, Physiocare is a place that you can visit without the need to wait for a referral. Physicians and chiropractors often do refer patients to Physiocare Physical Therapy, however, for high quality physical therapy treatment for sprains and strains.