Ergonomics Education

Ergonomics education and training is a great way to equip employers to provide a healthy work environment for their employees


When good workplace design meets with a workforce that is fit, healthy, and engaged, the outcome is maximum human performance, theoretically, if not literally. Ergonomics education and training is also given to our patients attending physical therapy for any injuries that our physical therapy experts at Physiocare feel may be ergonomic-related.


The ergonomics process we offer through ergonomics education and training can provide real solutions that affect an employer’s bottom line. The following are things that can be accomplished if the actions spelled out in ergonomics education and training are followed through on by an employer and members of that company’s workforce:

  • The health of a company’s workforce is promoted and protected

  • Productivity is improved

  • Exposure to ergonomic risk factors is reduced

  • Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are prevented

  • Worker’s compensation costs are reduced

  • Product quality is improved

  • Employee engagement is improved

The ideal of maximizing human performance is achieved when an efficient, well-designed workstation is created to fit the limitations and capabilities of a particular worker, who is fit, healthy, and engaged. Training from Physiocare can help bring this business-savvy goal into reality.

There are two basic elements to ergonomics education and training, and they are:

  1. The ergonomics improvement process and

  2. A workforce that is fit, healthy, and engaged.

The ergonomics specialists at Physiocare can provide the information needed for ergonomics improvement and help with MSD prevention and wellness training. Contact us at Physiocare Physical Therapy today to scheduled Ergonomics Education and Training.