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PhysioCare Physical Therapy is an independent Juno Beach physical therapy clinic. We are physical-therapist-owned and operated. Our quality services for speeding up recovery times can be accessed without a doctor’s referral or prescription. The personalized physical therapy that we provide always includes hands-on therapy as well as other innovative techniques for helping patients regain and exceed previous levels of function. All of our patients receive quality care along with kindness and compassion from our highly trained experts.

Physical Therapy

We provide comprehensive physical therapy care at PhysioCare for many different injuries, diagnoses, and conditions. Our innovative approach to physical therapy includes various treatments, including gait training, anodyne therapy, therapeutic exercises and activities, and postural re-education. PhysioCare experts can help with back and neck pain, neurological disorders, fractures, osteoporosis, strains and sprains, sports injuries, and cancer-related fatigue. At PhysioCare, our physical therapy experts can also help with orthopedic injuries, weakness or loss of motion, balance disorders, and much more.

Supervised Exercise Program

Juno Beach physical therapy at PhysioCare means that patients can access our Supervised Exercise Program. We developed this unique program to meet our patients’ needs for ongoing assistance after meeting the initial goals for physical therapy. Patients who lack confidence that they perform exercises properly and those who don’t have needed exercise equipment at home are among those who benefit from the program. Our physical therapists are Certified Health Coaches, and they can assist patients with goals related to nutrition, as well.


Our physical therapists at PhysioCare are ergonomics specialists. This means we are qualified to evaluate work environments to determine what improvements might be made to reduce injuries. The purpose of ergonomics evaluations is to prevent having pain or discomfort when performing tasks with ergonomic risk factors, such as the following:

  • Exposure to cold or heat
  • Awkward or sustained postures
  • Repetitive motion
  • Contact pressure

The goal of ergonomics is to help prevent muscle fatigue and such musculoskeletal disorders as tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle strains, and lower back injuries.

Wokrplace Injury Prevention

Another of our Juno Beach physical therapy services at PhysioCare is Workplace Injury Prevention. Employers contact us for help increasing productivity, improving return-to-work processes, reducing lost-time hours, and preventing pain and injury suffered by employees. With the help of our skilled specialists, many on-the-job injuries can be prevented. Employers are able to cut costs and increase profits, thanks to recommendations from our ergonomics specialists and other workplace strategies. One effective approach that we take is to review injury history, including the history of musculoskeletal disorders, in order to identify and address risk factors. Parts of the musculoskeletal system in the human body that are often injured in the workplace include nerves, blood vessels, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

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