Hip & Knee

The largest joints in the body are the knees and hips, and they connect many ligaments, bones, and muscles

Jupiter Hip & Knee

The impact of daily activities and strenuous physical abuse ultimately impact both hips and knees. Pain in these joints is common. Physiocare Physical Therapy provides specialized physical therapy that can help patients rebound, after the hips and knees have begun to cause pain during movement.

By going through individualized physical therapy programs especially for hip and knee pain, patients are frequently able to avoid surgery and the necessity of taking prescription medications. Recovering from hip and knee pain can be much quicker, with effective physical therapy treatment from our specialists at Physiocare.


Hip pain is frequently caused by pinched nerves, worn joints, stiff muscles, weak muscles, overuse, osteoarthritis, and old injuries. Hip bursitis can develop as a result of repetitive motion. Nerves in the hips can become pinched as a result of poor posture or pregnancy.

Knee pain is often caused by the same issues associated with hip pain. The knees can be affected by bursitis, arthritis, sports injuries, or sudden twisting and tearing of the meniscus in the knee. Foot or hip problems can throw the knees out of alignment, as well.


Physiocare physical therapists can provide care you need for hip and knee pain.

We begin with a full assessment of your hip pain, which may involve evaluating your level of hip pain, range of motion, and where the discomfort radiates, such as to your groin, thighs, or buttocks. Testing may also be done, to determine which strength and flexibility exercises will help to manage pain and restore movement.

A similar evaluation is done when addressing knee pain. Our trained specialists evaluate the level of the pain, the location, and movement in the legs and knees in different positions. Oftentimes, physical therapy for knee pain consists of flexibility exercises and strategies to build strength and reduce pain.

You can schedule a visit at Physiocare Physical Therapy any time, since we are a direct access facility. A referral is not required to receive physical therapy for hip and knee pain with us, though doctors and chiropractors frequently refer patients to Physiocare for effective treatment.