Physiocare Physical Therapy uses postural re-education as an effective treatment for correcting posture


Good posture is essential for spinal health and overall physical well-being. Health issues that can be effectively treated with postural re-education include chronic postural-related pain, muscular retractions, muscle stiffness, general pain, and headaches.


The most common areas in which pain is experienced due to poor posture are the low back, neck, shoulder, and wrists. When an individual has faulty posture, the bones are not aligned properly and joints, muscles, and ligaments take more strain than they were designed to. Poor posture can cause muscular strain, fatigue, and pain. In addition, faulty posture can cause chronic neck and back pain and can even affect the position and function of vital organs.

Postural Re-education at Physiocare

For postural re-education treatment at Physiocare, what we do on an initial visit is evaluate a patient’s symptoms, posture, range of motion, and muscular retraction. Our treatments will focus on gradual tension application on affected muscles along with proper breathing. Postures are gradually, delicately, and progressively applied while working on proper breathing techniques. Muscles regain strength, flexibility, and length through postural re-education.

Physiocare Physical Therapy is a direct access facility, which means no referral from a doctor is needed to begin receiving postural re-education treatments. Many doctors and other medical professionals frequently do, however, refer patients to us. Contact us today, to get on the path to better health, well-being, and posture.