Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Post-surgical rehabilitation is often an essential factor in successful surgical outcomes


During the process of recovering from surgery, patients may experience swelling or joint effusion and/or loss of mobility, strength, balance, and proprioception (your body’s ability to know where a specific body part is in space).  Sometimes, when there is a lot of swelling around a joint, the muscle cannot contract no matter how hard you try.  Physical therapists use a type of electric stimulation called neuromuscular stimulation to help the muscle contract when it can't contract on it's own.  

Physical therapists do the important work of helping patients to decrease swelling or joint effusion, build strength and improve overall flexibility and endurance. We offer a comprehensive approach to post-surgical rehab that delivers hoped-for results.


Not every operation requires post-op physical therapy. There are many types of surgery, however, which practically demand rehab, to ensure a timely recovery process. Post-surgical rehabilitation is typically recommended for the following surgeries plus many more:

  • Spinal surgery

  • Knee surgery for torn ligaments, meniscal repair or menisectomy

  • Joint replacements for knees, shoulders, and hips

  • Repair of a rotator cuff


Following surgery, discomfort can range from mild to extreme.

When our dedicated experts at Physiocare work with patients during post-surgical rehabilitation, we use various methods for reducing pain, including applying ice, gently manipulating muscles for the purpose of easing tension, gentle massage, and using electrical stimulation for pain relief. We begin with pain control and then move on to address challenges related to specific types of surgery. Since loss of muscle mass is a common issue after an operation, we also work to rebuild endurance and strength.

Most of our patients who come in for post-surgical rehabilitation are referred by surgeons; but you can visit Physiocare Physical Therapy without a referral, since we are a direct access facility. We offer comprehensive treatment for post-surgical rehab that produces needed results, helping patients return to normalcy and better health.