Muscle Deconditioning

Muscle deconditioning often occurs after periods of inactivity related to injuries or illnesses


Symptoms are loss of balance, endurance, flexibility, and strength. Physiocare Physical Therapy offers effective treatment for prevention of and recovery from muscle deconditioning.



When someone is hospitalized or has an illess for a long time which decreases his or her activity level, muscle deconditioning has occurrs.  Restoring independence and physical function is a particular challenge. Physical therapy with the help of our experts at Physiocare provides a path to restored normalcy.

Attainable, measurable goals are set and progress is carefully monitored. Using multidisciplinary rehabilitation that includes nutrition, we move patients toward the ability to perform their daily activities and then to continued strengthening and overall improvement in the quality of life.

When an individual is suffering from an acute illness, prevention of muscle deconditioning is an important consideration. The distinct challenge is that bed rest is often recommended in some cases. At Physiocare, we have treatment strategies to address muscle deconditioning after it occurs or as a measure in prevention.

For treating muscle deconditioning, our highly trained therapists at Physiocare will begin with an assessment of your condition. Next, an exercise plan will be formulated that accommodates your limitations. We can make recommendations on safety modifications for your home so that you can maintain your independence and decrease your risk of falls. When we are working with a patient who is suffering from an illness, we also work with that individual’s medical team to come up with an effective plan that takes all aspects of needed care into consideration.

We are a direct access facility at Physiocare Physical Therapy; and many doctor, surgeons, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals refer their patients to us, as well. Contact us today for help with muscle deconditioning, for the best in quality physical therapy.