Cancer-Related Fatigue

Cancer-related fatigue (CRF) is a common condition experienced by as much as 96% of patients going through rigorous cancer treatments


The level of fatigue experienced by cancer patients is frequently described as paralyzing. The disease itself combined with the treatments for the disease take an enormous toll on a body. Physiocare Physical Therapy offers numerous treatment options that help with cancer-related fatigue. Each patient at Physiocare receives personalized physical therapy to provide the treatments best suited to build strength, endurance, balance, and mobility and to address pain and loss of function.


Cancer treatments associated with fatigue include chemotherapy, bone marrow transplantation, radiation therapy, biological therapy, and combination or sequential therapy. There are many other factors that are also associated with CRF, such as decreased nutrition, anemia, immobility, depression, a tumor-induced hypermetabolic state, hypothyroidism, hormonal changes, pain, stress, and medications. Physical therapy can help cancer patients recover from the following conditions:

  • Difficulty walking short distances

  • Extreme tiredness and fatigue

  • Leg pain or neuopathy

  • Difficulty performing daily tasks

  • Chronic pain

  • Shortness of breath from light activity

The therapists at Physiocare Physical Therapy use many effective strategies to relieve cancer-related fatigue.

We help to alleviate pain, which has the effect of reducing fatigue. Among the physical modalities we use are electrical stimulation and soft tissue mobilization. Physical therapy at Physiocare helps to combat effects of bed rest and helps to improve endurance, balance, and many more symptoms of CRF.

Because Physiocare Physical Therapy is a direct access facility, no referral is required to begin receiving PT with our skilled physical therapists. Many doctors and other medical professionals frequently refer patients to us, as well, including cancer patients experiencing cancer-related fatigue. Contact us today to get started with a treatment plan that will bring needed relief and restoration.