Workplace Injury Prevention

Workplace Injury Prevention

Our physical therapists and ergonomic specialists at Physiocare Physical Therapy can often help to prevent workplace injuries from occurring.

This results in improved productivity, a reduction in pain suffered by employees, fewer lost time hours, an improved return-to- work process, and a decrease in employee frustration. Musculoskeletal experts understand the impact work postures can have on the body and stressors that cause soft-tissue injuries. Many on-the- job injuries can be prevented if our skilled specialists work onsite with employers to observe and analyze essential job functions as well as to measure physical demands and identify and correct stressors. Ultimately, an employer can cut costs with the help of our Physiocare experts, who make objective recommendations for process improvements.

Ergonomics Improvement

As part of a strategy for workplace injury prevention, our ergonomics experts become familiar with work practices and the potential for MSDs. An MSD is a musculoskeletal disorder or injury that affects the movement of the human body or, in other words, the musculoskeletal system. The muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, discs, and blood vessels are among the body parts that may be affected.

Another valuable step in making ergonomics improvements is reviewing the injury history, including MSD history, at a company. This type of information can help to identify risk factors that could be contributing to the development of injuries in various departments. Employee surveys are also excellent tools for determining the best methods for preventing workplace injuries.

Workplace Injury Prevention Services:

Physiocare Ergonomics Specialists Provide Work Injury Solutions

PhysioCare experts provide onsite services to reduce the risk of work injuries. One of the best things employers can do is to partner with us at Physiocare for improved workplace safety, injury prevention, and management. Among the services offered are individual office and industrial ergonomic evaluations, group office ergonomic evaluations, group stretching programs, process re-design assistance, group ergonomic training, train the trainer programs, and pre-placement/post- offer screens.