Body Mechanics Education enhances athletic skill and helps prevent fatigue and injury


Body mechanics is the study of human movement with principles of physics and engineering applied. There are many potential benefits of our body mechanics program. Ultimately, by gaining a greater understanding of the way the body operates, individuals can prevent injury and enjoy enhanced, enduring health with less pain.


Proper alignment of the body is the first principle in body mechanics education and training. When the body is properly aligned, body weight is supported correctly. In addition:

  • Body weight is shifted forward

  • Buttocks muscles are tucked in

  • The abdomen is pulled in

  • To provide a wide base of support, feet should be slightly apart, at shoulder width, with one slightly more forward than the other and both flat on the floor

  • Turning correctly is to turn the body as a whole and by moving the feet, not just twisting the back around from the waist

  • The back is straight

  • Whatever is being lifted or carried is held close close to the body to decrease stress on the neck and back

Posture is an essential element of body mechanics training. Appropriate body movements are applied toward the following during body mechanics training:

  • Preventing poor posture

  • Enhancing an individual’s physical capacity

  • Reducing stress on joints, tendons, and ligament

A Body Mechanics Education at Physiocare can help you eliminate nagging aches and pains and equip you to return to an active lifestyle.

We provide individualized attention that will help you enjoy all the benefits of body mechanics training. We are a direct access facility, which means a doctor referral is not necessary to begin receiving therapeutic treatment. Contact us today at Physiocare Physical Therapy, to get on track for better health and well-being.